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June 30, 2010

Deadliest Catch: Empty Throne

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I’ve caught up on my Deadliest Catch episodes, including last night’s, which continued to cover the aftermath of Captain Phil’s massive stroke as word spread to the other boats.

Phil’s passing in February made me very sad, but I hadn’t cried about it until last night. First, Freddy’s talk with Josh got me teary-eyed, and then Sig’s reaction put me over the edge. The way he angrily threw the radio and then turned off the wheelhouse lights so they couldn’t film him while he had a cry was tough to watch. The most poignant for me, though, was Jake Anderson talking about how Phil treated him like a son, and said things to him that he wished the NW guys would say…all while his own father has gone missing. Aye aye aye. That poor guy (I think he’s 28?) has aged so much in the past year or so, he looks 50, easily.

I’m not a fan of the Hillstrands (the Time Bandit), but I was touched to see Jonathan in Anchorage, with the boys. Speaking of the boys, you could tell Jake was high as a kite at the end there, when he sat on the bench with Josh.

Things are going to just get tougher next week when they show more of Phil in the hospital. I have to say, Discovery has so far shown remarkable restraint in their coverage of Phil’s stroke/death. I hope they continue that way.


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