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July 13, 2010

True Blood: Episode 3.04

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9 Crimes

Good, good episode last night! After juggling what I think is too many storylines – and not always successfully – for the first 3 episodes of this season, I think they’re finally hitting their stride. The hour FLEW by, and Anna Paquin nailed every one of her scenes. She really is hit or miss, isn’t she?

The more evil and depraved and conflicted that Bill gets, the more interesting he becomes. He almost lost me last season but lately he’s been reminding of early S1 Bill. And I like it. Stephen Moyer was especially good in the sit-down with King Russell and in the strip club scene. I can’t imagine how this will all turn out for Bill at the end of the season. He has betrayed his Queen – an act of treason according to the Magister – and the punishment for that is true death. Unless no one finds out, which is highly possible.

The puppet-talk scene with Tara and Franklin was very disturbing. Any abused/controlled woman who might have been watching that must have had a hard time with it. Since so much has happened with Tara in so little time, and she’ll be in Mississippi already by next week, I’m hoping that her story is going to turn around soon and she will start kicking some serious vampire ass. I am SO tired of victimized Tara.

Some brief thoughts:

  • I love Sam but that boy will never learn.  Glad he hired Jessica, though.
  • It’s nice to see Lafayette kind of back to his old self. “Ring, ring, hookah. Ring, ring.” (get your ringtone here!)
  • Eric had some good lines, too, especially, “No, I think I’ll kill your brother-cousins first.” Ha!
  • I thought Lorena was going to die when King Russell got out of the car.  Boy was I disappointed.
  • Jason’s conversation with “QB1” was hilarious and actually showed some depth on his part.  Imagine my disappointment when he goes and blackmails Andy for a cop job.
  • Some people have been complaining about an apparent escalation in gore on the show.  To be honest, I haven’t noticed that it’s any worse, and truthfully?  It’s a show about vampires and werewolves and other freaky supernatural beings and it’s on HBO.  What did they expect?

Finally, a word about Alcide.  Actually, it’s a question, for you: How can a man who looks like that (click on image to, er, enlarge) be so devoid of sex appeal?  Am I the only one?  He’s magnificent looking but it’s like there’s nothing there.

That’s alright. Bill and Eric more than make up for that. So what did you guys think?


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