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October 27, 2010

Caprica has been cancelled and I can’t say I’m disappointed.

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I am a bit surprised, though. I really thought that SyFy would have picked it up for at least another half season, maybe use those extra episodes to wrap up the story in a nice, DVD-ready package.

Caprica never really grabbed me, and watching it was less enjoyable than it was obligatory. I felt that as a big fan of BSG I HAD to watch, I HAD to try to understand what the heck was going on, that I HAD try to like the characters. Well, after 12 episodes I still don’t understand what’s going on, and I still don’t care for any of the characters. Now I have one less obligation, and that’s why I’m not disappointed.

October 25, 2010

What was The X-Files really about? I don’t know.

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(via my friend Colleen)

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From the LA Times: “Syfy has just announced “Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome,” a two-hour spin-off pilot that gets back into the Viper with a young version of William Adama and executive producer David Eick. We caught up with the veteran creator to get some early intel on a project that will be getting underway after the first of the year.”

I’m sorry. I know, that as a huge fan of BSG I’m supposed to be jazzed about this project; however, I am not. It feels like SyFy is milking BSG for all it’s worth – First: Razor, not bad, but completely unnecessary; Second: The Plan, meh; Third: Caprica, cool to look at, but honestly I find it muddled, with characters that are almost all unappealing. These mediocre spinoffs/side projects do harm to the original series, I think, and I can’t imagine this new one will be any different.

I say they should leave well enough alone and just keep airing the 4 seasons of BSG over and over again.

October 12, 2010

My second favorite commercial

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My current favorite commercial

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By Wes Anderson:

October 9, 2010

Spike Station – Scream Orientation

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Watch the awesome clip here.

October 7, 2010

Fringe: Episode 3.02

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The Box

Don’t be afraid to cross the line.

Another very strong outing, “The Box” brings us back to our universe, where I am more confused than ever.

But before we get to my questions, I wanted to comment on Anna Torv. She is doing a fantastic job of playing an alternate version of the same character she normally plays – such a good job that even though she looks and sounds the same as our Olivia, alt-Olivia is like a completely different person. And far more ruthless and aggressive, in a cheerful sort of way.

Alright, in no particular order, here are some questions and observations:

  • So, let me see if I can figure this out: Olivia had Newtown hire two guys to dig up a box that was buried in the basement of someone’s house. And the box is from the other side and is a part of Peter’s doomsday machine. Alt-Olivia tells Newton that something went wrong and two of the men died “like you planned“, but a third took the box. So his plan was for all the people in that house to die? And then what? I suppose then the Fringe division would investigate, and in turn the box would end up in Peter’s hands eventually. I guess that makes sense. And in order for Peter to find it after it had been lost, Newton had to stage another event in the subway station that would bring Peter, et al to investigate. OK. Got it.
  • Do you think Peter is beginning to figure out that this Olivia is not his Olivia? I would love it if that moment of realization is played offscreen and then he pretends and plays along as he works out what to do. That would be cool.
  • I want a cow that makes chocolate milk.
  • “Aspirin! I need to go back to the market!”
  • Did I catch a nod to Star Trek in the scene where Peter and Walter are walking down the hall at Massive Dynamic? I swear the scientists in the room Walter looked into were working on a transporter beam! Tell me that’s not what that is! (click on image for large version)
  • The scene where Walter gives Nina an impromptu hug was so good, especially her emotional reaction to it.
  • I did not expect Bell to bequeath Massive Dynamic to Walter. Wow. How will this change things? I suppose now Walter will be on an equal footing with Walternate, with access and power, for the time when the war begins. I wonder, will he move his lab to MD? And I wonder, what did Bell give Nina?
  • “Look at my brain waves on the monitor-o!” I watched that scene 3 times in a row.
  • I’m not sure on the reason why Alt-Olivia had to kill that poor deaf guy. Just because he was a loose end? I can’t believe she just shot him in the back of the head like that, right there in her apartment, and was prepared to get busy with Peter on the couch with the dead body just in the next room!
  • “Kent Street! I frequented a massage parlor around the corner. I used to get off right here!”
  • My God, I nearly lost it when that little guy’s head exploded.
  • When Olivia saved Peter from the train, I first thought, well, she at least cares about Peter; but then I realized no, she probably saved him because Walternate needs him for the doomsday machine.
  • “Bacon-flavored pudding. Now that would surprise me.”
  • What did you think of the episode?

    October 5, 2010

    Today’s Tweets

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    Via @televisionary and @moryan – The TV critics/bloggers eloquently sum up my feelings about Syfy’s Caprica, which begins the second half of its first season tonight. I’m not so sure I’m going to watch, and that makes me sad, considering how much I love BSG. Read Mo’s here, and Jace’s here.

    Via @blastrWarehouse 13 is renewed for a third season. Yay!

    Via @peeweehermanLIVE! On Broadway!

    Via @EW – Conan gets his desk ready for work:

    FYI, I’ve been quiet for a few reasons: I’m very busy at work with a new server installation, a migration to a new e-mail address, a new website design AND we had a new partner join the firm on October 1; my brother came home from Afghanistan on Friday (Yay! you can see video here) and now I have a helluva head cold. In fact, I probably should have stayed home again today.

    Anyway, some stuff to look forward to: a recap of last week’s Fringe; I’ve been working on a list of my favorite characters currently on TV; a possible tribute to Stephen J. Cannell; and perhaps even that final True Blood post I’ve been promising.

    I’ll be back soon!

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