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January 28, 2011

Fringe: Episode 3.10

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The Firefly

“It must be very difficult, being a father.”
~ The Observer

[Quick aside]: I came across something somewhere on the Internet the other day where someone asked a very good question: What’s up with no alternate Nina? Hmmm, good question anonymous commenter! [end aside]

So “The Firefly” was the first Fringe episode to air on its new night, Friday, and as I mentioned in my previous post, it posted very good ratings – increased from Thursday night, in fact – in the mucho important 18-49 demographic. Then, 3 days later I read on Twitter that if you counted in the DVR-delayed viewings over those intervening 3 days, that demo increased 42%. Wow! That’s is such excellent news. Keep watching, America!

How was the episode itself? Another stellar outing, I’m afraid, in which through a plot of Rube Goldbergian proportions The Observer tests Walter’s reluctance/willingness to risk Peter’s life. In the end, Walter let Peter go into a situation that would likely result in harm coming to Peter, a result The Observer(s) seem pleased with, and which does not bode well for Peter’s future. Or, one of Peter’s possible futures, if I understand The Observer correctly.

Christopher Lloyd was the guest star and what a perfect fit he is for this show! It made me wonder why it took so long to get him on. The scene where he tells Walter about the death of his son was heartbreaking, especially since I did not see it coming (even though I should have). Poor Walter caused so much heartache and pain when he played God and brought alt-Peter back from the other side.

There were nice moments between Olivia and Peter, and I’m glad she came around to accepting the book from him.

I don’t recall too many standout quotes from Walter in this episode, which I suppose makes sense considering the tone and subject matter. Still, we did get this delightful image:

Here’s a question: The impression I get from The Observer and his pals is that they are not supposed to interfere with the natural course of events, right? Then in what way was it alright for him to save the asthma girl’s life in the jewelry store?

Another one: Do you think Victoria (asthma girl) was the little girl in 1985 who wanted to catch a firefly, and whose father ended up killing Royce’s son Bobby?

That’s all I have. Enjoy tonight’s episode!

When parallel universes collide.

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LOST is over – now what?

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Carlton Cuse has written a wonderful piece for the New York Times about his life post-LOST and his process of deciding what to do next:

LAST summer I went hiking with my teenage daughter in the Swiss Alps. On the first day we left the small village of Wengen and climbed above the timberline to a mountain outpost, Kleine Scheidegg, where we stopped to catch our breath. As I was drinking some water and taking in the awesome panorama, I noticed a hiker approaching. He was bearded and sunburned, wearing a kerosene-stained Swiss mountaineering pack and using trekking poles. I thought he was going to warn us of some danger. Instead he walked up to me and in German-accented English asked, “Are you Carlton Cuse, from ‘Lost’?” Startled, I answered, “Yes.”

Then he said, “Why did you not explain the polar bear?” As he detailed his own theory of how polar bears ended up in a tropical jungle on “Lost,” my daughter rolled her eyes. Even here in this remote spot I could not escape the last six years of my life. I had spent that time working an average of 80 hours a week writing and producing a TV show. After “Lost” ended last May, the first thing I wanted to do was go someplace far away and clear my brain. But I quickly discovered there was a big difference between getting away and leaving the show behind.

January 27, 2011

So beautiful

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Part One

Part Two

I want this arrangement on CD – what a masterful job. So pretty.

God, I miss that show.

January 24, 2011

Good News for Fringe Friday!

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According to TVLine:

“It didn’t draw the 1.21 gigaviewers I had hoped for, but Fox’s Fringe nonetheless won the night in the demos with its Friday debut.

Fringe delivered a 1.9 rating in the coveted 18-to-49 demo, up 12 percent from its last Thursday outing and building slightly on its lead-in, Kitchen Nightmares. Overall, the spooktacular series — which this week guest-starred Back To The Future‘s Christopher Lloyd — drew 4.83 million total viewers.”

Can you believe the ratings in the 18-49 demo actually went up? Woohoo! Here’s a video of producers Wyman and Pinkner talking about the move. In the interview, they mention that they have actually pitched seasons 5, 6 and 7! So America, keep watching!

January 21, 2011

Fringe: Episodes 3.08 and 3.09

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3.08 – Entrada

** The teaser of this episode – from the point where Peter receives the phone call about Olivia to the moment he injects himself with the paralytic – was quite possibly the best teaser this show has ever done.

** Walter: “She tricked my son with her carnal manipulations and he fell right into her vagenda!” I’m not sure what’s better: That line or Astrid’s reaction to it.

** The bakery was called “Padaria de Divina”, which means Divine Bakery in Portuguese. Do with that what you will.

** Highlight: The scene between Olivia and Alt-Broyles in her cell at the Department of Defense, where she pleads with him to help her escape. Wow.

** Penn Station in the alternate universe is Springsteen Station.

**Walter: “No gun for me.” Broyles: “Good idea.”

**I was shocked that they actually killed off Alt-Broyles. His last words – “Please make this worth it” – become more poignant on a second viewing.

** Another great scene: When Olivia emerges from the deprivation tank in our Walter’s lab. Thank God Astrid was there! I was confused at first as to what the parameters needed to be for crossing over – the equal mass thing, cortexiphan, etc., but after a re-watch it’s pretty clear that there’s a couple of ways of crossing over. Olivia can cross over with the aid of cortexiphan and there is no need for an exchange of equal mass; whereas when someone crosses over using the “harmonic convergence” method, that’s when there must be an exchange of matter of equal mass between the 2 worlds.

** I wonder how much we will see of the alternate universe now that our Olivia has returned? I hope the same.

3.09 – Marionette

** This one was super creepy but also really emotionally powerful, and I’m not talking just about Olivia and Peter’s reunion. The first time I watched this episode, I think I was too disturbed by the Frankenstein-ian aspect of the story to appreciate the sadness of it. The re-watch was different – Barrett actually had me tearing up when he was talking to Olivia.

** Walter, after hearing the nature of the case: “Lady Fortuna has smiled upon us!” The expression on Olivia’s face when he said it was like, “God, I missed this.”

** There was one emotionally devastating scene after another: in the hospital cafeteria, when Peter tells Olivia about his relationship with Alt-Livia, and how “she’s much quicker to smile” (ouch); Olivia in her apartment, tearing the clothes that she wore out of her closet, stripping the bed that she and Peter slept in, finding Peter’s dirty t-shirt in her washing machine…Oh my God, I felt so bad for her.

** Walter: “Do you think possibly they replaced her with a robot?”

** Question: Was that a Joss Whedon cameo? (guy whose eyes got cut out) I can’t find anything online, so probably not, but boy did that guy look like JW!

** Barrett: “When I looked into her eyes, it wasn’t Amanda. I didn’t know what I brought back, but I know it wasn’t her.” Peter, you should have known!

** There wasn’t much forward movement of the plot, but this episode was a necessary pause in all of the action. That’s one of the things this show does so well, and why it has some of the most well-developed characters on television – it takes the time to reflect upon the emotional impact of the seriously crazy shit these people go through.

** Olivia: “She’s taken everything.”

Enjoy the episode tonight!

It’s Fringe Friday!

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You guys, it’s Fringe Friday!!

The best show on television returns to FOX tonight, at 9 PM. While many have decried the move to Friday night as a death sentence for the show, FOX execs have said that as long as Fringe’s current viewership numbers stay the same, it’s not going anywhere. Considering the show’s loyal fanbase and critical acclaim, I’m not too worried. And it sort of feels like the old days, when The X-Files was on Friday nights.

The last few episodes – which I did NOT blog about, bad me – were amazing. I do have some notes that I scribbled, so what I’m going to do is a post of random thoughts and favorite quotes. Coming up next.

January 20, 2011

This is kind of neat.

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It’s a fan-made trailer for a possible third X-Files movie, made as part of the “Believe in the Future” campaign, designed to convince FOX that XF3 is a good idea.

I think they could make a really good movie only if they went back to the alien colonization storyline and tied it into the whole 2012 thing. Don’t you think so?

January 19, 2011

Important message to Americans from the FDA

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Heads Up, Buffy Fans!

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Oxygen will be airing a 10-hour Buffy the Vampire Slayer Marathon this Saturday, January 22, from 10AM to 8 PM. The marathon features some of the best episodes of the best season (3).

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