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March 30, 2011

New Shows!

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I’ve got three new shows coming up that I am extremely excited about, not only because they look really good and have good buzz, but also because I think they all may actually have a chance of lasting for more than a single 13-episode season (RIP my beloved Rubicon and Terriers).

The first is called The Killing, which will air on AMC, beginning with a 2-hour series premiere this Sunday, April 3 at 9:00 PM. Jace Lacob, Televisionary and columnist for The Daily Beast, wrote a very positive piece about it. Here’s a sample quote:

In The Killing, everyone is concealing secrets. “Even a seemingly innocent victim, this dead 17-year-old, had a secret life no one knew about,” said Executive Producer Veena Sud, who comes from both crime procedurals (Cold Case) and serialized drama (Push, Nevada).

While The Killing—based on the insanely successful Danish series Forbrydelsen—doesn’t have dancing dwarves, cryptic giants, or a log lady, what it does share with David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks is a harrowing approach to murder and a central mystery that will likely prove to be addictive viewing.

In both cases, it’s the gruesome murder of a seemingly perfect teenage girl that kicks off the action and the gloomy Pacific Northwest (Vancouver stands in for Seattle in The Killing) serves as a backdrop for an engrossing murder mystery where every character, from the girl’s grief-stricken parents (played by Michelle Forbes and Brent Sexton) and her classmates to local politicos and their aides, are under suspicion.

Sounds like what Harper’s Island should have been, or at least what I thought it was going to be: Good.

Next up: TNT’s Falling Skies. Will this be the “anti-V“? God, I hope so! It premieres on Sunday, June 19 at 9:00 PM (that’s 2 so far that are on the same night at the same time…)

Pajiba has put up a good piece on Falling Skies – here’s a quote from them:

I sat in on a panel for “Falling Skies” at Comic Con, and the trailer looked pretty generic, the show runners and costars were all generic and saying the scripted things they’re supposed to be saying, and yet Noah Wyle sold the show’s premise to the crowd. He was unkempt, straggly hair and knotted beard, he kept interrupting with weird jokes about how of course this is on TNT, because everything he is in is broadcast on TNT at least on reruns. He cracked a couple times about how Ted Turner owned everyone of them on stage. But every time he spoke about the show, he spoke in this half-distracted, almost haunted way, rambling on quietly as if to himself about how his character was a professor of colonial American history, and how it made him strangely suited to lead. When he talked to himself about how sometimes a determined enough little group could break an invader’s will, or the hard decisions you have to make when speed matters and the weak can’t move fast enough … well, it felt like you were listening to someone telling Adama what it had been like back on Caprica before the rescue came.

Faint praise, at best, but my interest is piqued. Especially after seeing the new trailer:

Finally, the show I’ve been most looking forward to: HBO’s Game of Thrones, based on the popular series of books by George R. R. Martin (I have not read them, but I do have the first book waiting for me on my nightstand). Honestly, I don’t know what it’s about exactly, except that it’s a sword and sorcery-style epic and Sean Bean is in it. That’s enough for me! Actually, HBO describes the series this way:

So when will Game of Thrones premiere? On what night and time will it air? The season premiere will air on Sunday, April 17 at 9:00 PM. All three of these shows are going to be on Sunday nights at 9:00 PM. This is going to call for some seriously creative DVR-ing.

March 28, 2011

Today’s Tweets

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Via @HitFixDaniel Good news, everyone! Comedy Central officially renews ‘Futurama’ for two more seasons!

Via @feliciaday – A VERY funny UK commercial for milk, of all things:

Via @cracked6 TV Shows You Won’t Believe Saved People’s Lives

Via @TVMoJoe“5th annual “The Soup Awards” this Friday on E! Must-see TV”

Via @DamianLovesTVWhat will Olivia name her baby?

March 26, 2011

Fringe: Episode 3.16

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“Everybody poops, dear.”
~ Walter

I don’t mean that quote to be a comment on the quality of the episode. I just thought it was funny.

That said, I also don’t really have all that much to say about “Os” (the periodic table abbreviation for osmium). The COTW (Case of the Week) was OK, and nicely paralleled the Walter/Peter part of the story. I thought the floating man-balloon effect was really cool, but it was a pretty pedestrian tale that took a backseat to the awesome final few minutes.

Before I get to that, I did want to mention how fan-freakin-tastic the teaser was – Hurley and Walter smoking a bong together? It was meant to be! Embedding is disable on the video, so you’ll have to click here to watch it again.

The final minutes were the payoff in this episode. The weaving together of the two scenes – one between Walter and Nina, the other between Peter and Olivia – was very well done, a nice bit of editing there. The humor of the Walter/Nina scene juxtaposed nicely with the seriousness of the Peter/Olivia stuff. I’m not sure why, but it didn’t feel awkward. I was very happy that Peter, in the interest of “full disclosure”, revealed his secret shapeshifter/doomsday machine project to Olivia, including his hand in the murders of the shapeshifters in “Reciprocity“. Poor Olivia barely had time to process that bomb before William Bell’s consciousness took over her mind.

I’d been waiting for William Bell to return ever since 6B, and I love how they did it. I did not, however, expect him to take up residence in Olivia! What a fantastic reveal. If you have trouble understanding what exactly happened in that scene, you MUST watch this, from season 2’s “A Moment Deferred”. All will be explained.

Now, if that doesn’t prove that the writers know exactly what they’re doing and have had the story mapped out for a long time now, I don’t know what does.


* Did anyone see the Observer in this episode? I missed him.

* “I went to Quantico for this?” Poor Astrid. She needs to get out in the field every once in a while.

* “The decoder key is in my office.” I hope Peter wasn’t too freaked out to remember what Bellivia said!

What did you think of the episode?

X-Files Essentials

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Question: When did the second X-Files movie, I Want To Believe, come out? Was it 2008? This is the internet, so I suppose I could check myself. Hang on…OK, yes it was 2008.

Anyway, back in 2008, in the lead up to the release of The X-Files: I Want to Believe, I entered into a contest and won a copy of The X-Files: Essentials DVD, a collection of episodes that deal with themes in the movie. I was psyched to win it – I never win anything! – but I had never actually watched it. So last Sunday while I did some work that I brought home from the office, I popped the DVD in and let the good old days wash over me. It was awesome.

The episodes I watched:

Beyond the Sea
The Host
Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose
Memento Mori
Post Modern Prometheus

They are all classic X-Files, really great stuff, and they have aged quite well. The Pilot is really rough around the edges, but it still stands out as an example of the type of show you just don’t see on television very much anymore.

Fringe: Episode 3.15

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Subject 13

“You’ve got to imagine how you want things to be and then you try and change them.”

I enjoyed “Subject 13” well enough when I first saw it – it’s rare that I don’t like an episode of Fringe – but I found myself detached a bit when I watched. I think there were 2 reasons for that: 1) it’s tough to relate to actors you’re seeing for the first time playing characters as children, and 2) this episode was a huge info dump and I was too busy trying to take it all in to be engaged on an emotional level. Then I watched it a second time, and found that I was able to connect to the characters more once I didn’t have to be “on my toes” for clues.

One of the biggest pieces of information we got was that, contrary to what Walter believed and feared, Walternate did not know that Peter was taken to the alternate (our) universe and would therefore have never come looking for him. It was our Olivia who unknowingly gave him that information, and she would not have been able to do that if Walter’s experiments had not caused her to develop the ability to cross over.

They gave us another look at both versions of Walter as a younger man, and they were both consistent with each other – that neither Walter was entirely nefarious. Walternate was devastated by the loss of Peter, an emotional wreck who turned to alcohol to numb his pain. In our universe, “Dr. Walter” seemed much liked by the children he was experimenting on, far more benevolent than the evil mad scientist I had pictured him to be. After discovering that the key to Olivia’s crossing over is a “unique combination of love and terror”, Walter seriously considers returning Olivia to her abusive stepfather, to risk her well being in order to save not only Peter, but possibly millions of others. In the end, however, he chooses to protect Olivia at the cost of what could very well be his only way to get Peter home. (Yet another instance of how, in the Fringe universe(s), all events, no matter how small or large occur because of decisions we make. And that those decisions are almost always made based on how we feel about each other).

One big question (inconsistency?) we come away from this episode with: What accounts for the fact that neither Olivia nor Peter remember the events of “Subject 13” when they first meet each other? Why doesn’t Olivia remember Dr. Walter when they first meet? She was clearly old enough – 9, 10 yrs old? -and seemed to be close to him. And 6 months after his abduction from the other side, Peter has clear memories of his real parents and the differences between life over there and life here. What accounts for their memory loss? (Walter is the only one with a valid reason for not remembering that he knew Olivia: he had those parts of his brain removed). I hope the reason is more than just, “they were kids, kids forget things from their childhood”.


* I thought the teaser was really harrowing. I just love the atmosphere that Vancouver locations lend to these types of shows.

* Little Olivia was reading “Winter’s Tale” by Mark Halperin?? Are you kidding?! The prose in the book is so dense, I couldn’t get past the first few chapters. It now sits on my nightstand, mocking me. Perhaps I don’t have the imagination required to enjoy it, the imagination that Peter talks about in the quote above. Hey, I just thought of something: the main character in the book is named Peter Lake. Peter…Lake…Does this mean I’m going to have to pick up the book again?

* The slightly hazy filter they used was cool, and made it look like older film.

* “Olivia, after all these years, it is so nice to finally see you again.” William Bell’s words from “A Moment Deferred” make sense now that we know Walter was sending him reports on Subject 13.

* I think I had that same plaid shirt that Olivia is wearing in this episode.

* Loved the continuing use of the white tulip imagery, especially the beautiful scene at the end with Peter and Olivia.

* So alt-Jacksonville is the home of “Bishop Dynamic”, and it appears to be a privatized version of NASA, responsible for the space program and the “Star Wars” defense system over there. I wonder, does Nina work at Bishop Dynamic? I’m obsessed with seeing her!

What did you think of “Subject 13”?

March 24, 2011

GOOD NEWS: FOX Has Renewed Fringe for a Fourth Season!

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It is so gratifying to see good television properly acknowledged and rewarded. To all you naysayers who were convinced the move to Friday was a death sentence, I have one thing to say: Suck it!

I have two recaps drafted and will post them tomorrow. If you can, watch tomorrow night’s episode live and send FOX a message: They made the right decision!

March 18, 2011

It’s Fringe Friday again…

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…and here I am, WAY behind on recaps yet again. I promise I will catch up soon – promise!

One quick comment before tonight’s episode: The last minute or so of last week’s episode totally took me by surprise. I did not expect Bell to be in Olivia. Didn’t Anna Torv do an amazing job imitating Bell’s voice? I can’t wait to see where this leads to tonight…


March 16, 2011

The 2 Most Ridiculous Things about last night’s “V”

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I’m going to be nice this week for two reasons: 1) This was the season 2 finale and it may very well have been the last episode of V; and 2) It actually wasn’t half bad. Well, maybe it was half bad, but that’s still better than all bad.

1. The Plan. I understand that they needed to get Anna on the ground in order to assassinate her, but at that point almost ANYONE could have killed her. They didn’t have to rely on Anna’s daughter. Anna was less than a foot away from at least 8 different people (look at the photo for one example)! They could have given that disintegrator thing to a six-year-old in the crowd and been more successful.

2. Tyler. His mother finally tells him everything she knows about the Visitors – they look like lizards, they’re here to kill us, etc. – and what does he do? Does he catch the next shuttle out of there? No. He runs straight to his lizard girlfriend and has sex with her. Yeah, he died, but he died in an appropriately ridiculous and stupid way.

The best things about the episode?

1. They killed Tyler! (I hope)
2. They killed Ryan! (at the hands – or tail – of his own little girl!)
3. They killed Diana! (I didn’t really want her to die, but it was kinda cool that they did it)
4. “Now THAT’S how you kill your mother!” Best line of the entire series.
5. Marc Singer from the original show!
6. The introduction of Project Aires and what I hope is the end of the Fifth Column

Those are some promising steps in the right direction. Will I watch if it’s renewed? Probably. And that’s probably the most ridiculous thing of all.

March 11, 2011

Fringe Friday

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I don’t have a write-up ready for “Subject 13” yet, but I did want to share these great articles with you. Both of them put forth their arguments for why Fringe deserves to be “saved”. It’s difficult to say (especially for someone like me) whether or not Fringe is actually on the verge of being cancelled, but the fact is FOX has yet to announce a renewal for a fourth season, and I believe critics are starting to get nervous.

My gut tells me that it will be renewed, and I hope we hear the news soon.

Is Fringe the new LOST? – from the Daily Beast (including a gallery of 8 plot questions)


Save this show! A guide (and a plea) for new fans – from EW’s Ken Tucker

Enjoy the show tonight. I hear it’s another good one!

March 10, 2011

Today’s Tweets

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Via @EWThis week’s cover: Life after LOST

Via @nprmonkeyseeClassic Muppet show clip of Rowlf at the piano

Via @EWExclusive clip of Martha Stewart and Conan O’Brien conducting an interview in a couple of Brookstone massage chairs

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