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October 28, 2011

Fringe: Episode 4.03

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Alone in the World

“You matter to me. I care, and I… And I don’t want to lose you. I can’t lose you. Not again. Aaron… I know how hard it is to make connections. I know what it is to be lonely. It takes courage to be the one to take someone else’s hand, to trust that they won’t leave you. I won’t leave you, Aaron. And I’m begging you not to leave me. Please. Let it go. Let it go. Please. Let it go, son.”
~ Walter

This episode reminded me a lot of an X-Files MOTW (monster of the week), one of the good ones like, say, Firewalker, where the writers would use the stand alone story to great effect in the development of the characters and their relationship(s). In this case: Walter and Peter.

Unlike in the blue-verse, where Walter played God and the Observer intervened and Peter never died, in this timeline we get to see how that profound loss has damaged him. This episode highlights that nicely with a story about a lonely young boy whose life Walter has to save. I really enjoyed it.


~ I don’t think I can remember a sadder moment on Fringe than when Olivia opened the lab office door to find Walter attempting to lobotomize himself. [Also, can you think of any other show that would have the balls to have a major character do something like that?]

~ As sad as that moment was, the scene itself ended on an opposite, relief-filled and optimistic note as Walter learns – as do we in a nice reveal – that Olivia has been seeing the same man as Walter, only for her he appears in her dreams. Very nicely written.

~ The actor they chose to play Aaron was a very good casting choice. The wrong kid in that role and the entire premise would have crumbled.

Loved this exchange:

BROYLES: Has Dr. Bishop come up with any theories yet on cause of death or the bodies’ advanced state of decomposition?

ASTRID: (speaks to her earpiece) Walter, Agent Broyles wants to know if–

WALTER: Yes, yes, I heard him. (watching Broyles on his television screen) Will you tell Agent Broyles that as there appears to be no unusual environmental factors to explain the rapid deterioration, that it is absurd for me to make any determination without first examining the remainders!

ASTRID: (to Broyles) Okay, Walter said he–

WALTER: Tell him, for all I know, it could be viral or a mutation of some flesh-eating bacteria.

ASTRID: (to Broyles) He thinks that–

WALTER: (continues to interrupt) Some kind of alien parasite or… Bigfoot. Bigfoot! That’s it. Astrid, perhaps you can look around for massive fecal droppings, huh?

ASTRID: (covers her earpiece) He doesn’t have any theories, sir.

It appears as though the baseball gods have granted me a reprieve as Game 7 of the World Series will air tonight instead of the next new episode of Fringe. Bummer, yes, but it also gives me more time to catch up!

Recap for “Subject 9” coming soon.


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