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October 3, 2011

I want to believe.

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But I’m afraid. Please, please let this really happen:

According to reports out of The New Yorker Festival this weekend, Arrested Development is coming back. And it’s not just for a movie, but for a short, 10-episode season! That’s just way too good to be true, don’t you think? Except, it probably is true, since Jason Bateman tweeted this yesterday:

It’s true. We will do 10 episodes and the movie. Probably shoot them all together next summer for a release in early ’13. VERY excited!

This makes me so happy.

I honor of this long-awaited announcement, Funny or Die has posted a slideshow of the 40 funniest Arrested Development screencaps ever. This isn’t really an exhaustive list, but they are pretty damn funny. Here’s just a taste of what they found:

I had to force myself to stop downloading them all.

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