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September 15, 2011

We have a Winner!

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Congratulations to Rachel Reilly, the winner of Big Brother 13 and $500,000 simoleons. Rachel was probably my least favorite houseguest at the start. She was a vile, catty, arrogant *and* insecure drama queen with a fake, braying laugh that grated on my last nerve. Then her fiance Brendon got booted and Rachel had to actually develop a social game and cultivate relationships with people besides her fiance. I think she probably grew the most as a player than anyone else in the house, and if you combine that with her domination in the competitions, she deserves it.

My favorite, Porsche Briggs, took second place and $50,000 – yay, Porsche!! Happily for me, the weaselly, deluded attention whore Adam walked away with nothing. I’m sorry, Adam. I wanted to like you, but you were way too much of a butt-kisser for me.

Some stray observations, in case anyone reading this cares:

I’ll say it again: Adam is so deluded. He thinks he’s going to be a reality celebrity and that he was a fan favorite, and I think he’s going to be sorely disappointed once he starts reading things on the internet. I had a mixed reaction to his vote: on the one hand, I was SO happy that his vote didn’t matter in the end; but on the other hand, he sort of redeemed himself a little in my eyes by voting for Porsche.

I was bummed but not surprised that the bully Jeff was America’s Favorite. He’s certainly the cutest! And if you add all the cash prizes he won while in the house to the $25,000 AF prize, he probably walks away with almost as much money as Porsche. Oh, well.

I felt bad for Dominic, Keith and Lawon, that they didn’t get to say anything. I especially wanted to know WTF Lawon was thinking when he sacrificed himself, and who told him he was going to come back with special powers.

It’s no surprise that Danielle doesn’t talk to her father. He couldn’t muster up one nice thing to say about her. I’m surprised she’s as confident as she is, with a father like that. Danielle is still my favorite from the season.

I think Shelly really came off well in the end. I liked her at the start, then I didn’t know what to think of her in the middle, and I think I like her again after the finale. I’m not sure, but I think she may have been one of the better players in the house this year.

And that’s it. Until next summer!

September 13, 2011

Chatter: Where the hell have I been, and what the hell have I been watching?

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Where the hell have I been?

Well, I’ve been right here, pretty much. I had a nice, long vacation so that’s part of why I’ve been MIA. Also, I injured my neck a few weeks ago and I’ve been on muscle relaxants and painkillers off and on ever since, so, I guess I’ve been high for a few weeks and that’s another reason why I’ve been MIA. Mostly, though, I think I’ve just been lazy, distracted, unmotivated and in a summertime frame of mind.

What the hell have I been watching?

I have a confession to make: Big Brother 13 took over my life this summer. Yes, I said Big Brother. See, it all started last summer when, about halfway through the season, my mother (who lives downstairs from me) asked if I would watch it with her. She’s sort of housebound, and we don’t do much together so…I figured why not. It was fun. She asked me again this season, and I said sure. Once again, it’s been fun, but my GOD, it consumes most of my free time. BB is on 3 nights a week. Showtimes airs BB After Dark every night at midnight and my mother records it and wants to watch it with me and it’s 3 HOURS LONG. Thank the good Lord for the fast-forward button! Then there are the Live Feeds, which I do not subscribe to but I read the spoiler-filled Live Feed thread at TWoP. It’s like having a part-time job! Even if I wanted to blog about it, I’m not sure I could have found the time.

The season finale of Big Brother airs tomorrow night. FINALLY. Porsche, Rachel and Adam (l-r) are the Final 3. Although Rachel was vile for the first half of the season, she is vastly improved on a personal level, she has fought like crazy to stay in the house and I do think she deserves to win. Porsche, however is my favorite of the 3. If Rachel and Porsche go to the Final 2 together, I don’t think Porsche will win. However, for me, second place (and $50,000) for Porsche is far and away a more satisfactory outcome than Adam winning anything.

As I’ve mentioned before, Eureka and Warehouse 13 are other shows that I’m watching. They don’t really inspire me to write anything about them, though. I really enjoy them because they are the perfect summer TV fare: light and airy escapist programming that occasionally hits a satifactory dramatic note but never really forces me to have to think too much.

I have only recently begun attacking my long DVR queue of season 4 of True Blood, and I’m sorry that it took me this long to get to it. This season is in my opinion much better than last year: King Bill has a sexy new haircut and is far more interesting apart from Sookie; Fiona Shaw is killing it as Marnie/Antonia; Pam has a more prominent role; the Hot Shot and Faerie storylines have faded to the background; and most of the action takes place in and around Bon Temps, which I think helps maintain the connection between storylines. I’ve got 4 episodes left to watch – including the season finale so don’t give anything away! – and there’s really only one plot that I’m beginning to have difficulty with: Sookie and Eric. Does he have amnesia, or was that an emasculation spell? One begins to wonder if Sookie has that effect on all the vampires she hooks up with. Eric’s amnesia storyline was funny at first, but at this point (I just watched the episode with the bed-in-forest-in-the-snow-V-trip scenes) I just want him to get his memory back, say inappropriate things to Sookie and fly off to kill some innocent orphans or something. Gah, the shmoopiness is killing me.

Other than that, I’m loving it.

I’m recording Sons of Anarchy and will start watching that once I finish True Blood. I can’t wait.

Coming soon: A post about the upcoming Fall TV season – the new shows I’m looking forward to checking out as well as the return of some favorites.

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