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March 28, 2011

Today’s Tweets

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Via @HitFixDaniel Good news, everyone! Comedy Central officially renews ‘Futurama’ for two more seasons!

Via @feliciaday – A VERY funny UK commercial for milk, of all things:

Via @cracked6 TV Shows You Won’t Believe Saved People’s Lives

Via @TVMoJoe“5th annual “The Soup Awards” this Friday on E! Must-see TV”

Via @DamianLovesTVWhat will Olivia name her baby?

February 7, 2011

My Favorite Super Bowl Ads

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This list won’t be very long because, seriously, the commercials were for the most part terrible this year! Budweiser needs to take a year off and fire their marketing team. Bud Light makes everything better? That’s their tired marketing strategy? And guys are dumb? Sigh.

The best ad this year was one that everyone saw days before the game (see post below, but I’ll re-post here anyway because it’s that good) – Volkswagen’s ad for the new Jetta Passat:

It tells a story, has a great payoff that incorporates the product, it appeals to multiple generations and that kid can act, even through that mask!

My second favorite was this one from Audi. Release the hounds!

I think I recognize a couple of those people from my office.

Other favorites:

Which ones did you like?

February 2, 2011

VW’s Super Bowl Ad. Impressive. Most Impressive.

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