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November 4, 2011

Shapeshifters 2.0: “There’s a reason why they’re here”

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There is a new Fringe episode tonight, FINALLY! Enjoy it, and come back here to discuss.

Tonight. Witness the Return. Oooo!

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October 28, 2011

Fringe: Episode 4.03

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Alone in the World

“You matter to me. I care, and I… And I don’t want to lose you. I can’t lose you. Not again. Aaron… I know how hard it is to make connections. I know what it is to be lonely. It takes courage to be the one to take someone else’s hand, to trust that they won’t leave you. I won’t leave you, Aaron. And I’m begging you not to leave me. Please. Let it go. Let it go. Please. Let it go, son.”
~ Walter

This episode reminded me a lot of an X-Files MOTW (monster of the week), one of the good ones like, say, Firewalker, where the writers would use the stand alone story to great effect in the development of the characters and their relationship(s). In this case: Walter and Peter.

Unlike in the blue-verse, where Walter played God and the Observer intervened and Peter never died, in this timeline we get to see how that profound loss has damaged him. This episode highlights that nicely with a story about a lonely young boy whose life Walter has to save. I really enjoyed it.


~ I don’t think I can remember a sadder moment on Fringe than when Olivia opened the lab office door to find Walter attempting to lobotomize himself. [Also, can you think of any other show that would have the balls to have a major character do something like that?]

~ As sad as that moment was, the scene itself ended on an opposite, relief-filled and optimistic note as Walter learns – as do we in a nice reveal – that Olivia has been seeing the same man as Walter, only for her he appears in her dreams. Very nicely written.

~ The actor they chose to play Aaron was a very good casting choice. The wrong kid in that role and the entire premise would have crumbled.

Loved this exchange:

BROYLES: Has Dr. Bishop come up with any theories yet on cause of death or the bodies’ advanced state of decomposition?

ASTRID: (speaks to her earpiece) Walter, Agent Broyles wants to know if–

WALTER: Yes, yes, I heard him. (watching Broyles on his television screen) Will you tell Agent Broyles that as there appears to be no unusual environmental factors to explain the rapid deterioration, that it is absurd for me to make any determination without first examining the remainders!

ASTRID: (to Broyles) Okay, Walter said he–

WALTER: Tell him, for all I know, it could be viral or a mutation of some flesh-eating bacteria.

ASTRID: (to Broyles) He thinks that–

WALTER: (continues to interrupt) Some kind of alien parasite or… Bigfoot. Bigfoot! That’s it. Astrid, perhaps you can look around for massive fecal droppings, huh?

ASTRID: (covers her earpiece) He doesn’t have any theories, sir.

It appears as though the baseball gods have granted me a reprieve as Game 7 of the World Series will air tonight instead of the next new episode of Fringe. Bummer, yes, but it also gives me more time to catch up!

Recap for “Subject 9” coming soon.

October 14, 2011

Is There Another New Fringe Already??

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I swear I’ll catch up. I swear.

Here’s a nice TV Line interview with Anna Torv about tonight’s episode. It sounds like we may get an answer to the Cortexiphan trials question, and whether or not Olivia knew Walter as a child. And, of course, Peter’s “re-birth” begins tonight.

I hope it’s a good one.

October 7, 2011

Fringe: Episode 4.02

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One Night In October

This has been a crazy week, and this is as far as I have gotten in posting a recap/review for “One Night in October”. I haven’t even had a chance to re-watch it. And now I’m going away for the holiday weekend.

For now I’ll say that I really liked it. I thought that Anna Torv was amazing once again as the two Olivias; that the episode did what this show does best – showcasing the human cost of that weird sci-fi stuff; and guest start John Pyper-Ferguson knocked it out of the park. What did you guys think of it?

More questions were raised, some were answered, and I’ll address all of that next week.

Enjoy tonight’s show!

Oh, one more thing. A screencap of one of my favorite scenes, the homage to the classic Maxell ad:

October 4, 2011

Where is Peter Bishop? Here is Peter Bishop.

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September 30, 2011

Fringe: Episode 4.01

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Neither Here Nor There

We rejoin Fringe a week after Peter was erased from existence (but only sort of, as we find out in this episode), and the effect of his “undoing” is clear to see: Walter is less confident and is in fact terrified of even leaving the lab; Astrid, as a result, is a field agent, acting as Walter’s ears and eyes; and Olivia is completely shut down emotionally, wearing her loneliness like a badge but is awesomely even more kickass. Even Alt-Livia has turned out differently without Peter’s influence – she is cockier than ever, and sort of obnoxious. (Anna Torv kills it in the early scene where the two Olivias argue. You would think they were played by two different actors.)

It seems that Peter built an actual “bridge”, one which occupies a physical space in the hangar where the Machine is stored. (on Liberty Island, right?) People from either universe can meet in the middle, in the hangar, as they work on saving both worlds. Neither side trusts the other. At all.

This episode was intended, I think, to feel like a pilot, with Agent Lincoln Lee sort of playing the Olivia Dunham role from the season 1 pilot episode. There was an awful lot of clunky exposition and some heavy-handed references to “something missing”, but I didn’t really mind at all. I think they did a good job of setting things up, raising many more questions than I had going in:

** It seems that contrary to what the Observers said at the end of last season, Peter actually DID exist, in both worlds. However, in this timeline both Peters died, as they were meant to. I point you to Walter’s line, “People die. It happens. Sometimes they even die twice.” And the Observer December said, “They can never know the boy lived to be a man.” So Walter failed twice to save his son. I’m thinking he did go over to the other side to save Alt-Peter but failed – Peter died either from the disease, or when they fell through the ice in the car crash (that August saved them from in the original timeline).

** Olivia told Lincoln that she checked Walter out of St. Claire’s. How could she? She’s not next of kin. She must have had a relationship of some kind with him. I’m assuming she was still a part of his experiments as a child. Perhaps she stayed in touch with Walter in this timeline? She seems to have a closer bond with him now.

** What is the Amberverse? Is it an entirely new reality? Or is the Amberverse just the “bridge” that Peter built between the red and the blue universes? (I refer to the new opening credits color)

** I am a huge fan of Agent Lincoln Lee. He seems to be meant to be a part of Fringe division – look at the way he just holds that dead bird for Walter, no questions asked. And he’s adorable.

** Speaking of the dead bird, why is Walter trying to re-animate dead flesh? That usually doesn’t work out very well.

** Who do you think is responsible for the new shapeshifters? Was it purely by chance that Lincoln got caught up in the investigation involving them? I think not. I think that the shapeshifters targeted Lincoln’s partner – remember, they were chasing a completely different man across the rooftops. Were the shapeshifters waiting for them once they got inside the warehouse? Why do they need heavy metals? What do the injections achieve?

** I’m pretty sure that ShadowPeter appeared 4 times: 1) Behind Olivia after her early scene with AltLivia; 2) Behind Walter in the lab; 3) In Walter’s mirror (offscreen); and in Walter’s TV. I think he’s only appeared to or near Walter and Olivia because those are the 2 people with whom he has the strongest emotional ties. Remember 6B? To quote myself: It was a deeply romantic episode that put forward the idea that we are connected to the people we love on a sub-atomic level, called a “quantum entanglement” by Walter. That if this connection is strong enough – deep enough – it can either destroy or save the world. Perhaps the quantum entanglement that bonds Peter so strongly to Walter and Olivia is what is preventing him from being completely erased from existence.

I’m so happy Fringe is back. Enjoy the show tonight!

September 23, 2011

Just a few more hours…

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Today’s Tweets: Fringe Edition

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Via @JWFRINGEBehind the scenes pictures!

Via @JWFRINGE – Fringe Opening Credits – Friends Style:

Fringe Friday Returns Tonight!

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I had hoped for some clarity after I re-watched the season 3 finale, “The Day We Died”, last night, and while I feel that I may understand the unfolding of events just a little better, I still have no freaking idea why what happened, happened. Or where the hell this story is going.

I do, however, know that I love love LOVE this show, and it felt so good to be watching it again last night. That despite all of the wormholes and doomsday machines and time travel and science-speak – all things that I am a fan of, don’t get me wrong – at its heart Fringe is a well-constructed, skillfully executed character piece. That no matter what whacky plot development they throw at us next I know that it will exist to serve the characters that we know and love so well. I cannot wait to see where this is heading.

Random observations/questions/quotes from TDWD:

~ Why was Peter’s consciousness sent to the future? Before sending the Machine in pieces to the past, FutureWalter somehow rigs it so that when PastPeter steps into it, his consciousness gets transported to the future where he will see the consequences of that act and therefore not use the Machine. Right?

~ Did that future suck, or what? Did FutureWalter suffer a stroke at some point? What happened on “the Detroit trip” with FuturePeter and FutureBroyles? Why does FB have a white eye? Do any of the answers matter now, if Peter has “served his purpose”?

~ The scene where FutureWalternate (they really make this show hard to recap!) shoots and kills FutureOlivia is no less of a gut-punch on a re-watch. It’s not only seeing Olivia die – it’s seeing Walter do it.

~ When FW explains to FP how he can travel through time and make a different choice that will save both worlds, he touches FP’s face and says, “There’s no telling what the cost might be.” Do you think FW suspected that Peter’s very existence was at stake?

Sometimes I feel like a crazy person when I go back and read what I wrote. Enjoy the show tonight and come back for the recap!

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