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September 20, 2011

Today’s Tweets

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Via @EW‘Castle’ EP Andrew Marlowe on the season 4 premiere: ‘I’d say they are in a relationship’. I thought the season premiere was good. A bit dark for them, but after that finale I’m not sure they could have gone in any other direction. I’m happy with the way the writers found to move the story forward and not have Beckett in danger of getting killed every time she walks out the door. And I’m very glad that she remember the “I love you”. Her therapy scenes are a great opportunity for some Beckett character development, something she desperately needs. (PS, Rob Bowman directed this episode, and did a great job. Of course!)

Via @televisionary – Ty Mattson’s brilliant re-imagining of Dexter’s opening titles, inspired by mid-century modern design:

Via @vultureFour decades of ridiculous melodrama will come to an end when All My Children goes off the air this Friday. My God, look at how crazy the 80s were! And I bet Erica Kane was responsible for most of it!

Via @pajibaThe Return of the Weekly Power Rankings: The 10 Best Television Episodes of the Week. Beware of spoilers!!

Via @sutterink – From the “PILOT. photos Jax finds in the storage locker. young gemma. young john teller.” New episode tonight, at 10 PM on FOX.

Via @EW‘Simpsons’: See Kiefer Sutherland go all Jack Bauer on Sunday’s season premiere!

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