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December 6, 2010

Today’s Tweets: Terriers Post-Mortem

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That’s right, I said Terriers post-mortem. FX announced today that it has canceled the best new show on television. I understand why – the show’s ratings were so low, I think the audience consisted of me and about 7 other people – but I don’t have to like it.

Via @sepinwallfX Cancels Terriers

Via @televisionaryPutting the Dog to Sleep

Via @marklisanti – “RIP, Terriers. Let’s all enjoy what we had and promise not to sully your legacy by mailing thousands of pregnancy tests to FX.

Via @IMDbTVTim Minear, producer of canceled Terriers, says “No Regrets”

Via @moryan‘Terriers’ Canceled by fX

Via @ShaunRyanTV – “Interestingly, getting a show cancelled seems to do wonders for attracting new Twitter followers.

As Mo says in her column, this cancellation really felt like a kick in the stomach. I find it difficult to grasp the idea that we have heard the last from these characters. They seemed so real, there’s no way that they can’t really exist. At least that’s how my mind is working right now.

I do want to encourage those who didn’t watch it to check out the DVDs. You maybe understandably be thinking, “Why bother?” All I can say is it’s worth it. Some character issues are left open-ended in the finale but the overall plot is resolved, making these 13 episodes something of a perfect maxi-mini-series. Like Firefly, Terriers will go down in TV history as one of the great, one-season wonders.


December 2, 2010

Terriers has one of the best single seasons ever.

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“You’re remarkable in a funny way. Or funny in a remarkable way.”

So how good was last night’s season (and possible series) finale of Terriers? I’d say it was just about as close to perfect as you can get (and I’m not the only one saying that).

If this show does not get a second season, I wanted to let you know that watching these 13 episodes as a stand-alone story is absolutely worth it.

But it will get a second season. It will.

December 1, 2010

Roundup: Big Finale Week!

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I only watch 4 dramas religiously: Fringe, Sons of Anarchy,Terriers and The Walking Dead. This week, three of them have season finales and for one of them, it may be a series finale.

Last night was the very strong season 3 finale of Sons of Anarchy, and it felt particularly strong after what for me was a somewhat uneven season. SOA is one of the more well-written/acted series on TV today, but I think they stumbled a bit and lost some pace/momentum with the trip to Belfast (and the Tara kidnapping storyline was an obvious delaying tactic). However, these last few episodes – beginning with the moment Jax turned the tables on Father Ashby and finally took control of the situation in “Firinne” – were a return to form, with the amazing finale – “NS” – tying up multiple loose ends and setting the stage nicely for season 4. The episode was tautly directed, but also filled with great character moments, which is where the heart of this show lies. Can’t wait for next season.

Tonight marks the season 1 finale of Terriers, which in my opinion is the best new show of the season on any television network – pay, broadcast or basic cable (it’s on fX). It is a darling of the critics and it suffers abysmal ratings. This may be its one and only season, and that would be a shame. If you are not watching Terriers – and you probably aren’t – then please make an effort to do so. I’m not sure if watching it on Hulu or downloading it from iTunes at this point will make a difference when it come to a renewal decision, but I have to believe it won’t hurt. Here’s a post from Alan Sepinwall’s blog with an exclusive message from the Terriers creative team.

The Walking Dead, despite what Entertainment Weekly says, is NOT the best new show on television. It’s good, but Terriers is better. TWD’s season 1 finale airs this Sunday, on AMC. Last week’s episode took the story to a new level, finally (I was getting tired of these people at each others’ throats all the time in that camp), with a change in location and the introduction of a new character. It all felt very Desmond-in-the-hatch-y to me, and that’s a very good thing. In fact, the whole show is similar to LOST in its broad themes – survivors of a catastrophic event have to pull together in the face of some pretty freaky shit – without being an obvious (and doomed to fail) imitator. It’s been renewed for a second season of 13 episodes, and the ratings are through the roof (for AMC), which means the chances of it sticking around for a while are pretty darn good (unless someone does something stupid).

I guess I’ll have to content myself with Fringe and holiday specials after Sunday night.

November 5, 2010

My Favorite Characters on TV Right Now

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And what I love about them.

This post is a perfect example of how backlogged I am: The first draft was saved on September 28, and then revised on October 11. It’s time to finish it!

Caveat: When I say “right now”, I don’t mean that literally. A couple of these shows are between seasons right now, and the renewal of one (Rubicon), is still up in the air. Regardless, for now, they are considered current shows.

Gemma Teller Morrow (Sons of Anarchy) – Katey Sagal has been a revelation in the three seasons of SOA so far. She is fearless, fiercely protective of her family – both actual and the MC – and she’s not afraid to shoot up a porn star’s car or escape from police custody to go overseas to find her kidnapped grandson. She is the strongest and most complicated female character on TV right now. And don’t even think about messing around with her husband or you’ll get a skateboard to the face.

Lafayette Reynolds (True Blood) – If I understand correctly, the character of Lafayette was never intended to be a regular, but audience response to him was so overwhelmingly positive that creator Alan Ball made him a regular in the second season. Lafayette is the gay short order cook at Merlotte’s restaurant, who sidelines as a drug dealer (he deals “V”, or vampire blood). He is wickedly funny, smart, a snappy dresser and he has the prettiest eyes. I could listen to him talk all day long.

Miles Fiedler (Rubicon) – Miles is an analyst at the American Policy Institute (API), the intelligence agency that is at the center of the excellent AMC series, which has just completed its first season. There hasn’t been all that much time to flesh out his character, but actor Dallas Roberts has made Miles a favorite already. I love how nervous, sensitive, smart and shy he is. He makes me sad and he makes me laugh. I hope there’s a second season of Rubicon because I need more Miles.

Hank Dolworth (Terriers) – Again, another new show, and this one hasn’t even finished its first season; but I knew from the first episode that I was going to love Terriers because of Donal Logue, who plays Hank Dolworth. Hank is another flawed, complicated character. He is a recovering alcoholic who lost his job as a cop and lost his wife, and he is now working as a private investigator in San Diego. Hank is the kind of guy who acts like he doesn’t give a shit, when in fact his problem is that he cares too much. He’s smart, funny and sad. He’s still in love with his ex-wife, he takes care of his mentally ill/genius sister, and his partner is a former thief. He sort of reminds me of Jim Rockford, if Rockford was made for cable.

Walter Bishop (Fringe) – And finally, I saved the best for last: Walter Bishop (and his alternate universe double, Walternate, to a certain extent), the mad genius of Fringe. A tortured soul obsessed with pudding pops, Walter is the heart of the show (especially his relationship with his son, Peter). He is at turns brilliant, hilarious, caustic, joyful, frightened and frightnening (if you include Walternate). John Noble, the actor who plays Walter, has been robbed of the Emmy so far, and that really is a shame. He is amazing.

So, there you have it. My favorite TV characters right now. How about you? Who are your favorites?

August 20, 2010

New Show: Terriers

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I think fX’s new comedy/drama P.I. show Terriers is going to be my next new show. Don’t you think it looks good? And I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but Donal Logue is kind of attractive now. (Bonus: Rene from True Blood!)

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