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May 18, 2011

Cancellations, Pickups, Trailers and Dropped Pilots

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Good Lord, there has been an insane amount of TV news in the past week or so. The network “upfronts” are this week, but please don’t ask me what an upfront is, exactly. I just know that it has to do with advertising and announcing the networks’ programming choices, including cancellations of existing shows and pickups of new ones.

You can view the futon critic’s 2011-2012 season scorecard here, which contains renewal/pickup/cancellation information for all major broadcast networks. I discuss the announcements that I found notable below.

First, the Bad News

Let’s get this out of the way: Despite lots of love from the critics, FOX has canceled The Chicago Code. Proving that no matter how good a show is, if no one is watching, it won’t last long. That’s the second Shawn Ryan show in a row that I found myself really liking (the other was the even better Terriers), only to have it last just one season. I hope he doesn’t give up on TV. The season – now series – finale airs next Monday, 5/23. It really is a shame. It was getting so good!

While V was really one of the worst shows on television, I was sort of sad to hear that it had also been cancelled. Don’t get me wrong – it absolutely deserved to be cancelled. It’s just that things had gotten so bad that I was beginning to enjoy chronicling the badness. Oh, well.

Now, some Good News

The summer shows are starting up!! You can find the premiere dates for your favorites by checking out the futon critic’s summer grid. Here are a few dates for shows that I’m excited about:

HBO’s True Blood – Sunday, June 26 at 9:00 PM
Comedy Central’s Futurama – Thursday, June 23 at 10:00 PM
TNT’s Falling Skies – Sunday, June 19 at 10:00 PM
SyFy’s Warehouse 13 – Monday, July 11 at 9:00 PM

And Now Some Pickups

Alcatraz (FOX) – This is JJ Abrams’ new show, with Sam Neill and Jorge Garcia. Here’s the first trailer for it:

It’s not blowing me away, but it does look interesting.

Terra Nova (FOX), Mondays at 8, beginning in the Fall:

It looks like a mashup of a few different movies/TV shows, Land of the Lost and Jurassic Park among them. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It looks good enough to check out.

There’s a new Michael Emerson show! Person of Interest has been picked up by CBS. It will air on Thursdays at 9:00, and CSI will move to Wednesdays at 10:00. I can’t find a trailer for it yet.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is returning to TV in the CW’s The Ringer. I’m not sure if I’ll actually end up watching this. I wasn’t so much a SMG fan as I was a fan of Buffy the show. I don’t think there’s a trailer for this one, either.

Someone (NBC) has finally gotten around to making a US version of Prime Suspect, and it stars Maria Bello in the role that made Helen Mirren’s career. I’m really torn about this one. Will Jane Tennison’s (Jane Timoney here) struggle to be accepted as an equal in the boys’ club that is the police department really be relevant in a TV landscape where women have been playing FBI agents, Lieutenants and Police Commissioners for a while now? Perhaps. And I wondered if she would be portrayed as abrasive and “unlikable” as Helen Mirren was in the BBC version. I kind of like what I see in these clips.

Another new show that looks very promising: Awake (NBC) – There are no details yet on when it will premiere or on what night it will air. It’s a tough one to describe, so I’ll leave it to the trailer to do that. Also, you can view clips here.

Finally: The River (ABC) – This one looks so AWESOME. I won’t say anything about it except watch this clip.

March 16, 2011

The 2 Most Ridiculous Things about last night’s “V”

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I’m going to be nice this week for two reasons: 1) This was the season 2 finale and it may very well have been the last episode of V; and 2) It actually wasn’t half bad. Well, maybe it was half bad, but that’s still better than all bad.

1. The Plan. I understand that they needed to get Anna on the ground in order to assassinate her, but at that point almost ANYONE could have killed her. They didn’t have to rely on Anna’s daughter. Anna was less than a foot away from at least 8 different people (look at the photo for one example)! They could have given that disintegrator thing to a six-year-old in the crowd and been more successful.

2. Tyler. His mother finally tells him everything she knows about the Visitors – they look like lizards, they’re here to kill us, etc. – and what does he do? Does he catch the next shuttle out of there? No. He runs straight to his lizard girlfriend and has sex with her. Yeah, he died, but he died in an appropriately ridiculous and stupid way.

The best things about the episode?

1. They killed Tyler! (I hope)
2. They killed Ryan! (at the hands – or tail – of his own little girl!)
3. They killed Diana! (I didn’t really want her to die, but it was kinda cool that they did it)
4. “Now THAT’S how you kill your mother!” Best line of the entire series.
5. Marc Singer from the original show!
6. The introduction of Project Aires and what I hope is the end of the Fifth Column

Those are some promising steps in the right direction. Will I watch if it’s renewed? Probably. And that’s probably the most ridiculous thing of all.

March 9, 2011

The Top 8 Most Ridiculous Things on V Last night

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Devil in a Blue Dress

1. Tyler (although to a lesser degree than last week) I found it hilarious that while blissing Tyler, Anna bled from the eyes far less than when she blissed the first human. Either she’s getting better at it or he really is a moron.

2. Jack: “Erica! Will you be able to live with yourself if you’re wrong?!” Um, Jack? If Erica is wrong, the blue energy will detonate and wipe out not only tens of thousands of your innocents, but also you and Erica. Dealing with the moral implications of her decision will be the last thing on her mind.

3. Scale. This show has had a serious issue with scale (on the ground – the ship FX convey their size well). The crowd at the New York City groundbreaking of the Concordia Reactor was smaller than those attracted by some New Orleans street musicians.

4. Blatant exposition. Do Anna and Marcus/Thomas/Minion have to do a step-by-step regurtitation of their evil plans in every episode? And in front of dozens of people within earshot or, like last night, in front of TV cameras broadcasting live to an audience that I am sure contains at least one person who can read lips? Imagine the closed captioning!

5. So Erica, an FBI agent and the secret ruthless leader of the covert Fifth Column resistance group just calls out to whomever is ringing the doorbell of her unlocked front door to “Come on in!”?

6. What exactly is Lisa’s motivation for betraying her mother? Up to now I thought that it was because she developed human emotion and saw the error of her ways; but now it appears that almost the entire V leadership is burdened with feelings, and I don’t know what to think.

7. Carrie the journalist goes live with a story that blames the blackout on the Visitors – a “story” that she got from Chad Decker about 10 seconds before, and was really just a rumor in the form of a single sentence – without independent verification? She deserved to be fired.

8. The entire blue energy reactor plan/plot was confusing, poorly written and hokily portrayed. How exactly does the blue energy become “weaponized”? Shouldn’t weaponization be something that you can’t do accidentally?? Wouldn’t the Vs have their own people guarding the reactor? And wouldn’t they have security cameras? Wait. Nevermind.

March 2, 2011

The Top 6 Most Ridiculous Things on Last Night’s “V”

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I hate to be all negative and stuff, but this show is just THAT BAD.

1. The Visitors have FAR superior technology than we do, obviously, yet there are NO SECURITY CAMERAS ON THE SHIP. Anywhere. People walk around unnoticed, kill people, blow up the Queen’s eggs, and never have to worry about being caught on camera. Even worse: The V’s uniforms have built-in cameras on the front pocket, perfect for surveillance, yet they are only acknowledged when the plot calls for it. Anna can watch a video feed of her daughter’s “bedroom “, yet there was no video surveillance of the massive nest of Anna’s soldier eggs and Erica was able to walk right in, undisguised – with the assistance of Anna’s daughter who wears a jacket that has a camera in it – plant a bomb and walk right out. Don’t get me started on how conspirators converse in every corridor and anteroom – sometimes while other Vs are strolling about – and no one ever takes notice. God!

2. Tyler

3. Father Jack’s naivete. His constant nagging about the possible death of innocents in any of the Fifth Column plans is getting REALLY OLD. If I had him second-guessing me every time I came up with a plan, I’d have had sex in my kitchen with Hobbes, the poor man’s Hugh Jackman, too. (hot scene, btw) I do like Jack, though. You should have answered your phone, man.

4. The escape pod. Really? It was hidden on this amazingly high-tech ship (well, except for the camera part) all this time? I suppose if Diana is being kept prisoner in the ship’s root cellar, anything is possible.

5. Tyler.

6. The DNA Extraction Table. Someone should tell the Vs that there’s an easier way to extract someone’s DNA than by torturing them with dozens of metal needles. It’s called a Q-Tip.

March 1, 2011


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Despite appearances, I do watch other television shows besides Fringe. Such as…

Castle. The obvious draw for me at the beginning was Nathan Fillion, and if I’m going to be honest, he probably still is; unfortunately, the chemistry between Fillion and Stana Katic is still not that great. I’m enjoying watching their relationship develop, but I get the feeling that they don’t really like each other all that much in real life. Perhaps it’s just me. The show doesn’t give me much to think about or blog about here, but I almost always enjoy watching it, especially now that we’re in the third season and the secondary characters are much better developed. (btw, Castle got an early 4th season renewal from ABC)

Face Off is one of my favorite new shows. I love it! It’s on SyFy on Wednesdays at 10:00 PM, and here’s the website description:

Face Off is a competition/elimination series exploring the world of special-effects make-up artists and the unlimited imagination that allows them to create amazing works of living art. The contestants are tasked with elaborate feature challenges including executing full body paint make up on models and creating their own horror villain. Not only will the show incorporate effects make-up, it will include a wide range of skill sets including prosthetics, 3-D design, sculpting, eye enhancers, casting and molding. Each episode involves incredible reveals of the competitors’ finished work, and the drama of one contestant being sent home by the panel of expert and celebrity judges. It all culminates in one winner and one grand prize that will launch a career.

To determine who emerges victorious, Syfy has signed three-time Academy Award winner Ve Neill (Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands) and Hollywood veterans Glenn Hetrick (Heroes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The X-Files) and Patrick Tatopoulos (Underworld, Independence Day, Resident Evil: Extinction) as Face Off’s judges.

The creativity and talent on display is remarkable to watch. I don’t usually like reality competition shows, but I find this one highly watchable. There is only one episode available to watch online (here), and you can view a video of the results of their challenges so far here. Amazing stuff!

V. V, V, V, V. V. Yes, I am still watching, and yes, it is still pretty terrible. I think I watch to see what stupid thing will happen next. Also, they ramped up the action in the last couple of episodes, so much so that I actually found myself thinking at the end of last week’s that I couldn’t wait to find out what happened. So, that’s something I guess. I really don’t understand why I’m still watching.

January 19, 2011

Even when it’s better, “V” is still mediocre.

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So last night’s episode of V was actually not too bad, especially with regard to pacing, direction and some cool icky, gory stuff. Halfway through the recording I was amazed at how much stuff had happened, and that makes for a fun time. It doesn’t, however, make the stupid stuff any less stupid.

For instance: The V’s are green, lizard-y beings that are covered in human skin. They claim to be benevolent and “of peace, always”. The world does not know what they really look like, nor what their real purpose in coming to Earth is – well, neither do the viewers, but that’s a whole other post. So we’ve got all of these blind sheeple, thinking the Vs are the best thing since sliced bread, who are practically inviting their own doom, right? Ah, but there is the Fifth Column, a rinky-dink resistance operation – about 5 people in the entire world, apparently – who are working against the Vs and trying to discover what their real plans are – and to foil those plans.

Last night, the 5th Column captures a V, keeps her prisoner, tortures her, cuts off her tail and skins her alive, revealing her green, scally skin underneath. Do they record this evidence of her true nature, share it with the world, expose the Visitors’ lies, perhaps use the national news reporter they have just recruited to do it for them? Hell, all they need is a smartphone and YouTube!

Nope. They do no such thing. Because every single person associated with this show is stupid.

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